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News +  

April 2017 Monthly Meeting - Guy Dauncey +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave
Journey To The Future
Guy Dauncey

Guy Dauncey, author with a positive vision of a sustainable future, discusses his latest book and provides numerous ideas of how we can act on his visions to make life much happier and healthier for everyone -- grandchildren too!. Everyone welcome.

AGM, Seed/Plant Swap & Sale, Presentations +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave
Time Activity
6:30 pm Free seed & plant swap and plant & seed sale
7:30-7:40 AGM - everyone welcome
7:40-8:30 Expert gardeners Jocelyne Sewell and Julia Lissau share tips for our hot, dry Okanagan gardens, Questions and discussion encouraged.
8:30 pm More seed swap / sales

Bring seeds, plants and clippings for swap or giveaway

Collect free seeds and buy plants & seeds

Bring envelopes and pen

February Monthly Meeting - Tiny Homes +  

Okanagan Regional Library - meeting room

Local tiny homes: planning, constructing, and occupying, presented by several residents in the know.

January Monthly Meeting - Our New Climate +  

Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave

Andrew Weaver at SENSSome 200 people gathered at the main hall in the Schubert Centre Thursday evening.

World renowned climatologist and contributing author to Nobel Prize winning IPCC reports, Dr. Andrew Weaver spoke about what we can expect for our climate over the coming years.

He also explained the science behind the changes and what actions you can take to mitigate those changes.

Press release at the URL below.

Middle Shuswap Water Stewards +  

What is referred to here as the Middle Shuswap Water Stewards is actually a combination of 2 groups of people calling themselves the Cherryville Water Stewards and the Middle Shuswap & Lumby Water Stewards. The Middle Shuswap watershed stretches from Sugar Lake to Mabel Lake, and encompasses all the tributaries sampled by these groups.

Monthly Meetings

4th Thursday of every month except summer & December. Usually 7:00 PM at the Schubert Centre, 3505 30th Avenue in Vernon, but to make sure, check with us.

Blue Dot

Join David Suzuki's project