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Homemade Inks

Vegetable printed snowmenYellow Turmeric Ink
  • Put 2 tbsp turmeric spice in jam jar. Cover with boiling water. Replace lid. Shake often for 24 hours.
  • Strain liquid through finely woven cotton cloth (may require several times).
  • Add a pinch of salt + 1 tsp white vinegar + 1 tsp gum Arabic.
  • Shake well. Leave overnight so gum Arabic can dissolve.

Red Cabbage Ink

  • Simmer 1 cup chopped red cabbage in 1cup water for 20 – 30 min. Strain to remove plant material.
  • For 4 oz liquid mix in ½ tsp gum Arabic thickener while ink is still warm to dissolve it. Let cool.
  • Add 1 clove or 1 drop wintergreen to preserve.
  • This ink is violet. Add lemon juice - it’s purple. Add soap - it’s `. Add baking soda- it’s ???

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