Handmade Holiday

Sat, Nov 17, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Schubert Centre - 3505 30th Ave


Our 7th annual event! Short, easy, cost effective demonstrations for making gifts yourself: foods, toys, toiletries, decor ...

We get away from consumerism and put heart back into the holidays!  Schubert Centre’s Thrift Store and cafe is also open. Volunteers: set-up starts at 11:00am for noon opening.

- 2017 -
Kids took home items they made themselves, grandparents were delighted with new ideas they could create with grandchildren, and sharing with the community abounded. Attendees “joined the conversation“ to share their ideas for alternatives - gifts from the heart.

— HOW Handmade Holiday WORKS —

Our goal is to inspire attendees to make some of their own holiday gifts. We have volunteers set up at their own tables and they each demonstrate how to make a gift. They repeat this as people arrive and circulate over the afternoon.

There is wide variety; many are made from natural elements or repurposed items. Examples are: wreaths from greenery, pomanders from oranges, homemade crackers, little toy owls from shrunken wool sweaters, origami tree ornaments, bath salts, skin creams, hot chocolate mixes, wooden candle holders, fruit cordials, cloth wrapping techniques, wooden toys ...

We like to be able to offer the recipe or the parts list as well. It's nice to be able to do hands-on, so kids could actually make one and take it home. But most will just be "how-to", so folks can make them when they get home.